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163 The Evil of the Daleks: Episode One

EPISODE: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode One
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 20 May 1967
WRITER: David Whitaker
DIRECTOR: Derek Martinus
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 8.1 million viewers
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Volume Four(1967)
TELESNAPS: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode One

"Who's taken the Tardis?"

The Doctor & Jamie see a lorry carrying the Tardis drive off from a hanger. The man minding the hanger, Hall, knows not where the Lorry has gone but tells them the name of the company that took the Tardis. A man called Kennedy listens to their conversation in a nearby field. The Doctor & Jamie follow Hall in a taxi while Kennedy reports events to his superior, Edward Waterfield, a man dressed in Victorian garb. Waterfield's assistant Perry arrives telling him "the object has arrived" and commenting on how authentic the brand new Victorian clocks Kennedy has look. The delivery is a Police Box - The Tardis. Hall and Kennedy meet at a warehouse and fight: Hall is knocked unconscious. The Doctor finds him and takes from his person a matchbox for the Tricolour coffee bar while Hall mutters the name "Ken". Kennedy reports all that has happened to Waterfield who shows him photos of the Doctor & Jamie: Kennedy confirms it was them. Kennedy spies on Waterhouse as he accesses a secret room from his study. Waterfield sends Perry to the Coffee bar where he meets The Doctor and Jamie, instructing them to meet Waterfield at his shop at 10pm. Perry confirms the arrangements have been made to Waterfield before leaving to go home. Kennedy is ordered to return later in dark warm clothing. Waterfield slips into the secret room and confers with unseen masters. After Waterfield leaves Kennedy breaks into the study and then into the inner chamber, which contains some advanced equipment. As Kennedy looks for something to steal a Dalek appears and advances on the terrified Kennedy demanding to know "WHO ARE YOU?"

vlcsnap-00004 vlcsnap-00006

Yup, that's the traditional "Reveal The Dalek" ending we expect but that's a gorgeous effect there for the time, mimicked years later at the end of the opening episode of Remembrance of the Daleks.

We're back in mystery territory again here: who has taken the Tardis and why? The who is obvious: people acting for Waterfield who in turn is obeying the Daleks who seem to have set some trap for the Doctor. The Why will take some while to become clear.

The Beatles' 'Paperback Writer' and The Seekers' 'Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen' were used in the Café scenes but for rights reasons they've been substituted for the CD release.

Although this episode is long since destroyed, a small section of footage remains from the last few moments, embedded in a different episode on Doctor Who. In 1968 The Evil of the Daleks became the first complete Doctor Who serial to be repeated in the gap between the close of Season 5 and the start of Season 6. It was prefigured at the End of Wheel In Space 6 by The Doctor displaying events on the Tardis scanner: Kennedy's encounter with the Daleks. Episode 1 of Evil, repeated the following week, then had some extra voice over on top of the opening scenes. For some while this footage was thought to be taken from the reprise in episode two (also sourced from this episode) but it's been discovered that what's used in Wheel 6 is fractionally longer than the material found in Evil of the Daleks 2.

Bob Hall is played by Alec Ross, the first husband of actress Sheila Hancock who would later appear in The Happiness Patrol as Helen A. Although this is Ross' only Doctor Who appearance it's not the only time he's appeared with the Daleks: he plays a Police sergeant in the missing third season Out of the Unknown episode "Get off of my Cloud"! Hall died of cancer in 1971.

You can probably guess what's about to happen to Griffith Davies, who plays Kennedy!

1 Hall 1 Kennedy

The Dalek voices here are provided, for the first time, by Roy Skelton who has previously voiced the Monoids in The Ark and the Cybermen in Tenth Planet. He will contribute Dalek voices to most of their appearances from here onwards. Inside the shell is Robert Jewell who had been a Dalek operator in all their previous TV appearances as well as the two films and played a Zarbi in the Web Planet and the clown in Dalek Masterplan 7: The Feast of Steven. Jewell will return once more to Doctor Who as The Dalek in The War Games but he also plays a Dalek in the Out of the Unknown episode mentioned above, Get Off Of My Cloud, which you can find out more about and see some pictures of at Dalek 6388's Five Years in the Cold page.

There's some nice location work in this episode with Kendall Avenue, the then home of the BBC's Outside Broadcast department, substituting for Gatwick Airport while the brief shots of Kennedy observing the Doctor & Jamie were shot at Grim's Dyke Hotel in Harrow Weald whose interiors we'll see later in the story. Then Warehouse Lane, by the Hammersmith & City line in Shepherd's Bush supplies the location of Hall's Warehouse.

1 Location 1Location2

I commented on the début of the new titles during Macra Terror: this story seems to be the first time we see the full length of them with story title, episode number and writer superimposed over the top. In fact this may be the first time this has happened: generally they've been displayed over the opening action or, like The War Machines and Tenth Planet, over specially designed captions.

vlcsnap-00013 vlcsnap-00014

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162 The Faceless Ones: Episode Six

EPISODE: The Faceless Ones: Episode Six
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 13 May 1967
WRITER: David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke
DIRECTOR: Gerry Mill
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 8 million viewers
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Volume Four(1967)
TELESNAPS: The Faceless Ones: Episode Six

"We've found all of the originals. The Commandant at the Airport is going to deprocess them one by one, starting with you, unless I stop him!"

"Meadows" tells the Commandant that he doesn't know where the originals of the airport staff are kept. The Commandant shuts the airport to outbound flights and instigates a massive search. The Director dismisses the Doctor's request for the humans he holds. The Doctor is dismissive of the Jamie replica which has lost his accent. "Meadows" escapes his guard. The Doctor tells the aliens, now dubbed Chameleons, that he knows that the airport staff originals are on earth and when they're found the Commandant will remove the devices stabilising the copies, killing the Chameleons based on the airport staff one by one. The Chameleons contact air traffic control who bluff but the Chameleons see through it. Samantha and Jean find the bodies hidden in the car park and Jenkins is awakened killing the Chameleon "Jenkins" on the space station. Blade, whose original is on Earth, and the Director, whose original is safe on the space station, argue leading to the Director and "Jamie" being killed. Jamie & Crossland are freed and the process of returning the captured humans begins. The Doctor gives the Chameleon scientists a few hints to the solution to their problems. Returning to Gatwick, Jamie bids farewell to Samantha. Ben & Polly realise that this is the very day they left Earth so decide to stay behind. The Doctor & Jamie discover the Tardis has been stolen .....

4 episodes of mystery, one of urgency and now an episode of bluff/brinkmanship as the Doctor tries to regain the lost humans while the Commandant bluffs, and then actually does holds a gun to the Chameleon's head.

6a 6b

Somehow this story is lacking something: there's no urgency to the first few episodes even when the Doctor's companions start disappearing and indeed Ben & Polly hardly get a mention after that. Then at the start of episode five everything gets a bit manic, the deadline of the last flight of the season emerges which is rather odd as we now know this story is set in July and most Englishmen go on holiday in August! A little restructuring with more urgency earlier on would help. I suspect my opinion may be changed if we could see more of it: the Chameleons are supposed to be an impressive visual sight but very little of them is visible in the surviving episodes. It's only in this episode that they identify themselves as Chameleons, and even then it's only in terms of "This is Chameleon Headquarters" so they may well still be referring to their front company name and the actual name of their race has gone unmentioned.

So why did we not see Ben & Polly between episode 2 and their brief appearance here?

POLLY: Doctor.
BEN: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: Doing? I'm looking for the Tardis, of course.
POLLY: Oh, no. Can't we stay in London a bit?
BEN: Yeah, it's good to feel normal again.
DOCTOR: Normal? What do you mean, Ben?
BEN: Well, no monsters, or Cybermen. All this, it's normal. I understand it.
DOCTOR: Do you? What about Chameleon Tours?
BEN: Oh yeah, that was different.
JAMIE: Oh, I'll be glad to get away from here. Can you not land us in a nice civilised place like 1750?
POLLY: What's so uncivilised about 1966?
JAMIE: Oh, you can keep it!
BEN: Did you say 1966?
BEN: What month is it?
DOCTOR: It's July. July the 20th, to be precise.
POLLY: What are you getting at?
BEN: Don't you see, Duchess? July the 20th, 1966 is when it all began! We're back to when it all started. Well, I think.
POLLY: That means it's as if, it's as if we've never been away.
DOCTOR: You really want to go, don't you?
BEN: Well, we won't leave, Doctor, if you really need us.
POLLY: The thing is, it is our world.
DOCTOR: Yes, I know. You're lucky, I never got back to mine. All right, then. Off you go. Now go on, Ben can catch his ship and become an Admiral, and you Polly, you can look after Ben.
POLLY: I will. You will be safe, won't you?
JAMIE: I'll look after him.
BEN: I'm sure you will, mate. Goodbye, Doctor.
BEN: We might see you sometime. Take care.
DOCTOR: Well you'd better hurry. The Commandant's car waiting.
JAMIE: I'm sad to see them go.
DOCTOR: Yes, Jamie. So am I.
6y 6z

What happened is that Anneke Wills and Michael Craze left the series following episode 2: their appearance here is courtesy of the location filming recorded before the studio sessions. Anneke Wills led an interesting life both before and after Doctor Who and has been producing a series of autobiographies.

Michael Craze married Edwina Verner, a production assistant on the program who he met on the set of Tenth Planet, but later left the acting profession and ran first a pub, then a hotel. He died in 1998.

DOCTOR: Well, we've got things to do.
JAMIE: What things?
DOCTOR: Well, I didn't tell the others, but we've lost the Tardis.
JAMIE: We can't have done.
DOCTOR: It was outside. It's not there now.
JAMIE: You mean somebody's stolen it?
DOCTOR: I don't know, but that's what we're going to find out. Come on!
This episode leads directly into the first episode of the next story with the Tardis being stolen, not an uncommon device in the sixties. But this episode is also established as taking place on the same day Ben & Polly left Earth. So on the space day at least THREE forces are in operation in the London area: WOTAN & The War Machines, the Chameleons, and the protagonists of the next story: The Daleks. So the Doctor's premonition in The War Machines, similar to what he feels when the Daleks are nearby, may be due to there *actually* being Daleks nearby! It's also possible that there might possibly be an escaped Yeti hiding in the Underground ahead of the Web of Fear as well as an advance guard of Cybermen in the sewers!

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161 The Faceless Ones: Episode Five

EPISODE: The Faceless Ones: Episode Five
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 06 May 1967
WRITER: David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke
DIRECTOR: Gerry Mill
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 7.1 million viewers
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Volume Four(1967)
TELESNAPS: The Faceless Ones: Episode Five

"We could eliminate a whole squadron of their toy planes and they'd never get on to us. Their minds can't cope with an operation like this. Remember the teaching of our Director. The intelligence of Earth people is comparable only to that of animals on our planet."

Blade and Ann leave the plane taking the items they've collected with them. Jamie emerges from his hiding place and follows them. 2 of the misshapen aliens enter and start offloading the luggage. Jamie sees the objects been deposited in a room: he enters and finds human bodies shrunk in drawers. Ann enters and captures Jamie. The Doctor coerces "Meadows" into revealing himself. Meadows explains they come from a planet that has suffered a disaster which has removed their identity. They are duplicating humans but the originals are safe and those of the airport staff are still on the airport somewhere. With "Meadows" help Sam is freed, but the fake Nurse Pinto is killed and the real one revived. Jamie meets Crossland on the space station, but this isn't the police officer, it's his duplicate, the alien Director. The Doctor & Nurse Pinto board the last Chameleon jet flight of the season with all the airport staff duplicates. Meanwhile the Commandant and his staff search for the originals. The Doctor & Pinto arrive at the space station, where Jamie too has been duplicated but are apprehended by Blade.

5z 5y

And finally the why and how of what's happening. Unfortunately most of it comes in a huge info dump in the interrogation of the duplicate Meadows:

DOCTOR: There we are. Now then. What happens if I were to turn one of these?
MEADOWS 2: Don't touch it!
DOCTOR: Ah, I see. Right. Now then, you are going to answer all my questions, and in return, I promise no harm will come to you. Do you understand?
MEADOWS 2: All right.
DOCTOR: Where are your planes taking all their passengers?
MEADOWS 2: There's a satellite about a hundred and fifty miles up.
DOCTOR: Why are you abducting all these young people?
MEADOWS 2: We had a catastrophe on our planet. A gigantic explosion. As you've seen, we have lost our identities. My people are dying out.
COMMANDANT: But what use would our people be to you?
MEADOWS 2: Our scientists devised a process so that we could take on the physical characteristics of another being.
DOCTOR: This is part of the process?
MEADOWS 2: Yes, that's why you mustn't touch it.
DOCTOR: How many of these young people do you hope to abduct?
MEADOWS 2: This time, fifty thousand.
COMMANDANT: Fifty thousand!

5f 5g

DOCTOR: How large is this satellite?
MEADOWS 2: On the journey in our planes, the passengers are miniaturised.
DOCTOR: I see. How many of your people are working here at Gatwick Airport?
MEADOWS 2: I don't know. That's the truth, I tell you. I don't know.
DOCTOR: Very well. What happens to the people whose identity has been taken over, the originals?
MEADOWS 2: They're somewhere in the airport. I don't know exactly where.
COMMANDANT: I'll have the whole place torn to pieces to find them.
MEADOWS 2: No, you mustn't find them.
DOCTOR: Why not?
MEADOWS: You, you mustn't, that's all.
DOCTOR: Because if we do find them, we'll find one of these on their arms, eh? And if we remove it, something terrible will happen to you?
DOCTOR: What if you have to change back?
MEADOWS 2: Well, that can be done, but with the machine.
DOCTOR: The machine in the Medical Centre?
MEADOWS 2: Yes. None of us know where our own originals are, except that Nurse.
DOCTOR: Nurse? What about her?
MEADOWS 2: Oh she was cunning. She's got her own original with her.
DOCTOR: Where is it?
MEADOWS 2: I don't know.
DOCTOR: I think you do know. Now, are you going to tell me?
MEADOWS 2: It's in the Medical Centre.
DOCTOR: Right, you're going to show me where it is.
MEADOWS 2: I daren't. She'll have me destroyed.
DOCTOR: Are you going to co-operate or are you not?
MEADOWS 2: All right. It won't make any difference. You'll never see those fifty thousand young people again.

So now the mystery is done we move into a more urgent phase of the story as the Doctor tries to rescue the abducted humans. Once again the telesnaps let us down with no shot of the dying duplicate Pinto. I'm thinking that this story might work a lot better with the actual visuals when we can see everything.

However the confrontation between Jamie and the being he thinks is Crossland is superb, with a hint from Bernard Kay that this isn't the inspector by dropping the accent.

JAMIE: Inspector!
CROSSLAND: Let's see if I can get you out of there. How did you get here?
JAMIE: I came on the plane, stole someone's ticket.
CROSSLAND: You ought to have been miniaturised on the journey.
JAMIE: Miniaturised?
CROSSLAND: Reduced in size, like all the youngsters in these cabinets. Did you not have anything to eat or drink?
JAMIE: No, I felt too ill.
CROSSLAND: That explains it. The food is the first part of the process.
JAMIE: Inspector, what is this place?
CROSSLAND: A satellite, Jamie. A flying ship in space. These people are from another planet. It seems the Doctor was right after all. Does anyone down there believe him yet?
JAMIE: Oh, I'm not sure. I don't think so.
CROSSLAND: I suppose it is too much for them to believe. But surely the Doctor's convinced them that something is going on?
JAMIE: Aye, I think maybe the Commandant.
CROSSLAND: Yes, Jamie.
JAMIE: Inspector, have you escaped or something?
CROSSLAND: No-one escapes from here.
JAMIE: But the plane that comes here, well, it must go back to Earth. We could get on it.
CROSSLAND: The last plane to Earth is leaving now. They've just gone back to pick up their own people.
JAMIE: Surely the Doctor'll think of some way of rescuing us?
CROSSLAND: Not this time, Jamie. This time he's up against a mind superior even to his. The mind of the Director.
JAMIE: You mean someone clever than the Doctor?
CROSSLAND: The man in charge of this whole mission.
JAMIE: You seem to know a lot about it, Inspector.
CROSSLAND: Of course I do, Jamie. I am the Director.
This isn't the first Doctor Who story to deal with duplicates of the main cast: there was a robot Doctor in The Chase and a double of him in The Massacre. Sadly at this point the show isn't up to doing both original and duplicate on-screen at the same time. Duplicates is a theme that will be returned to regularly as early as next year's The Enemy of the World but the best examples are probably the two Auton stories, Spearhead from Space and Terror of the Autons, the Terror of the Zygons and the Android Invasion. We get to see what's happened to the missing humans: they've been miniaturised and stored in a similar way to what we saw in The Ark last year! We've seen a shrunken Tardis crew before in Planet of Giants and shrinking to kill will become a trademark of The Master!

5d 5a

There's some more familiar faces to be found amongst the actors in this story:

Christopher Tranchell, playing Jenkins and his Chameleon double, has already been in the Massacre and will return for Invasion of Time by which point he'd be doing Play School. He's got an appearance in the missing fourth season episode of Out of the Unknown The Sons and Daughters of Tomorrow as PC Wilkes. He also play Paul Pitman in 8 episodes of Survivors: Spoil of War, Law and Order, The Future Hour, Revenge, Something of Value, A Beginning, Birth of a Hope and Greater Love.

fo_Jenkins fo_Commandant

Colin Gordon appears in this serial as the Airport Commandant. Later on in the year this was broadcast, 1967, he appears in The Prisoner where he's Number Two in A. B. and C. and The General. He also appears in UFO as Albert Thompson in The Cat with Ten Lives. This is one of the episodes that stars Wanda Ventham, here playing Jean Rook, as SHADO second in command Virginia Lake.

Peter Roy appears as the Airport Police Sergeant who I think is one of the policemen restraining Pinto. IMDB credits him as appearing in episode 1, but you can clearly see a sergeant here so ..... He'd had already been a Greek Soldier in Temple of Secrets and Death of a Spy, first and third episode of the Myth Makers and an Extra in The Highlanders episode 1. He returns as a UNIT / Bunker Man in The Invasion episode 1, a Guard in The Seeds of Death episode one, a Space Guard in The Space Pirates episode 1, an uncredited extra in Doctor Who and the Silurians episode 6, Technic Obarl in The Hand of Fear part one, a Guard in The Face of Evil part one, an Extra in The Sun Makers part one, a Gallifreyan Guard in The Invasion of Time part one, a Gracht Guard in The Androids of Tara part one, a Guard in The Armageddon Factor part one, a Policeman in Logopolis part one, an Ambulance Man in Castrovalva part one, a Man in Market in Snakedance part one and a Walk on in Resurrection of the Daleks part one, He's got two Doomwatch to his name as a man in Project Sahara and Flood, and a number of Blake's 7 as a Citizen / Prisoner in The Way Back, a Prisoner in Space Fall, an Alta Guard in Redemption, an Albian Rebel in Countdown and a Federation Trooper / Rebel in Rumours of Death plus an appearance as the Limousine Chauffeur in the second TV episode of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He appears in the third Star Wars film Return of the Jedi as Major Olander Brit.

5 police 5plane

IMDB credits Anthony Lang as Airport Personnel on Plane for episode 1 but I think his most likely appearance is here amongst the airport personnel duplicates on the plane with the Doctor and Nurse Pinto. He'd previously been an Egyptian Slave in Golden Death and Escape Switch, the ninth and tenth episodes of The Dalek Masterplan and, like Peter Roy, an Extra in The Highlanders Episode 1, He'll return as a Time Lord in The Three Doctors Episode One and a Kaled Councillor in Genesis of the Daleks Parts One & Three. He plays the Emperor's Advisor Slim Aloo in Return of the Jedi but IMDB reports of him playing BoShek, the spacer wearing the black Tenth Planet spacesuit in the cantina in Star Wars, seem to be in error!

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160 The Faceless Ones: Episode Four

EPISODE: The Faceless Ones: Episode Four
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 29 April 1967
WRITER: David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke
DIRECTOR: Gerry Mill
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 6.9 million viewers
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Volume Four(1967)
TELESNAPS: The Faceless Ones: Episode Four

"That Doctor is a menace to our plans!"

Spencer tells Jamie & Samantha that the Doctor is dead and then immobilises them on the floor too. He points a laser cannon at them. Nurse Pinto is at work in medical centre creating a copy of immigration officer Jenkins. The Doctor destroys the laser with a mirror from Samantha's hand bag. Jamie feigns sickness to allow the Doctor access to the medical centre, but Nurse Pinto won't allow them access to the inner rooms. Jean Rook, the commandant's assistant, has become worried about the missing Inspector Crossland. She is engaged in some research into Chameleon tours. As the Doctor arrives she receives word from Athens airport, one of Chameleon's destinations: although they leave for that airport no Chameleon Tours flight has ever arrived there. The commandant arranges for the RAF to follow the next flight. Jamie seeks out Samantha: she has bought a ticket for the next Chameleon flight, determined to find out what's going on. Jamie steals the ticket and takes her place on the flight. Jean Rook stages a medical emergency luring Nurse Pinto from sickbay. The Doctor enters and discovers the duplication machine and the comatose real Nurse Pinto. Samantha goes to the Chameleon tours desk and complains her ticket has been stolen but is taken prisoner by Spencer. As the Chameleon tours flight leaves Jamie is overcome by airsickness and flees to the toilet. The flight is followed by an RAF jet. Blade fires a weapon from the Chameleon plane at the jet causing it to crash. The plane hangs in mid air and changes configuration, wings sweeping back to become a rocket. Once again all the passengers disappear. The radar trace shows the plane is stationary, then it vanishes, presumed crashed. The stewardess, Ann, collects something from every passenger seat on the plane but distracted isn't sure if she's collected from Jamie's seat.

JEAN: Negative report from Air Sea Rescue, sir.
COMMANDANT: But with two aircraft ditching there must be some signs of wreckage.
DOCTOR: Why do you think the Chameleon plane crashed into the sea?
COMMANDANT: Because it disappeared off our radar screen.
DOCTOR: But it stood still first.
COMMANDANT: Because it must have collided with the RAF plane and dropped like a stone.
DOCTOR: Why do you think that?
COMMANDANT: You see, when a plane on that radar appears to stand still, it is in point of fact dropping straight down.
DOCTOR: What about straight up?
COMMANDANT: Oh, my dear Doctor. To get above our radar umbrella like that it'd have to climb vertically until it was a hundred miles high. The darned thing would be in outer space.
DOCTOR: Exactly.
The plane approaches a space station which it enters.....

4a 4b

Superb exchange between The Doctor and the Commandant there at the end. More pieces of the puzzle this episode, but 4 episodes in and the mystery is still going. You're starting to be sure it's aliens who are responsible but why is a completely different matter.

The laser beam moving towards the prone Doctor and friends is very reminiscent of the James Bond laser scene from Goldfinger! Sadly there's not much on the telesnaps to show this and nothing of the laser beam!

Nurse Pinto's back this week and we get proof that she too is a duplicate.

4d 4c

Indeed we get to see the duplication process from episode 2 again this time on Jenkins, which looks another nice effect, but bar a brief appearance at the beginning this time Crossland disappears for the episode!

This episode was the nail in the coffin for the relationship between the BBC and Shawcraft Models, who had built the Daleks and many of the other special props used for the series. There was extreme dissatisfaction with the plane and the satellite models used here. Relations had been stressed since The Macra Terror and as a result all further Doctor Who modelwork was brought in house at the BBC.

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159 The Faceless Ones: Episode Three

EPISODE: The Faceless Ones: Episode Three
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 22 April 1967
WRITER: David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke
DIRECTOR: Gerry Mill
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 7.9 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - Lost In Time
TELESNAPS: The Faceless Ones: Episode Three

"I must leave. The flight to Zurich is ready to take off. You will remain here to atone for your incompetence. The Doctor must die, and you must do it!"

And now I get to watch the new titles & music together cos we're back on DVD for episode 3!

The Doctor stoppers up the gas nozzles and blocks the camera causing Spencer to investigate at which point he seizes the pen device and stuns Spencer. Jamie & Samantha talk with Inspector Crossland who shows them a photo of Gascgoine who Jamie confirms is the body they found. The Doctor arrives and goes to see the Commandant with Crossland while Jamie & Samantha go to the Chameleon tours hanger. The Doctor convinces the Commandant that he is telling the truth by exposing "Meadows" as he demonstrates the pen. Meadows flees and the Doctor is given the run of the airport. Samantha finds a stack of written unsent postcards which she and Jamie take to the Doctor. Crossland goes to the plane while The Doctor & Jamie search the hanger. Blade abducts Crossland when the plane takes off. The Doctor & Jamie find the hidden room at the hanger and the monitor link to the sickbay which they leave to visit but the Doctor is knocked to the floor by a device Meadows planted on him earlier. Crossland watches a monitor on the plane in disbelief as all the passengers vanish.

vlcsnap-00039 vlcsnap-00041

They're not doing too badly with the story: it's part three and the mystery is still ongoing. You know the beings are aliens now but you still don't know why they're doing this or where their victims have gone.

However there's quite a few downsides this week: No Ben and Polly this episode..... in fact we won't be seeing them again till episode six. We don't see any of the actual aliens either nor do we see Nurse Pinto, played by Madalena Nicol, introduced in the previous episode and an important character in the story, who is annoyingly absent from this episode as well as the first meaning that her only appearances are in episodes that are missing! I'm thinking if I was offered a choice between this and episode 2 I'd take episode 2!

I'm also troubled by the episode ending in nearly the same place as it started with the Doctor immobilised in the Chameleon tours hanger. It almost says the episode is just filler and it's brought us back to where we've started

And the fact the mystery is still ongoing does give the whole thing a feeling like it's progressing rather slowly!

This episode is one of a pair, with Evil of the Daleks 2, recovered in the mid 80s. The DWAS were contacted in 1985 by someone who claimed to have these episodes. Details were passed to the BBC and contact was made with the individual leading to a VHS of Faceless Ones 3 being made available to a 1987 convention. Afterwards the episodes were traced back to collector Gordon Hendry, who unaware of their rarity had lent them to someone. The episodes were returned to him and then copied by the BBC. Episode 3 has some damage sustained to it which were repaired for it's commercial releases as part of Reign of Terror boxset along with the surviving episodes of that story, and episodes 1 of both this story and The Web of Fear and as part of the Doctor Who - Lost In Time DVD set. However the episode is still not up to the quality of other surviving sixties recordings and as such wasn't vidfired so still retains the film look that will be familiar to anyone who saw 1960s Doctor Who repeats in the age before video tape!

Wanda Ventham, playing Jean Rook, is a few years shy of her role in UFO as Virginia Lake but she'll be back in Image of the Fendahl as Thea Ransome as well as Time and the Rani as Faroon. There's an Out of the Unknown on her CV where she plays Josephine in the missing second season episode The Eye. She's been in The Prisoner too playing a Computer Attendant in It's Your Funeral. Ventham is now probably best known as being Benedict Cumberbatch's mother and has appeared in the role of her son's character's mother in Sherlock

fo_Rook fo_Blade

Wanda Ventham's future Doctor Who story Time and the Rani also features Donald Pickering, who plays Captain Blade here following an earlier appearance in The Keys of Marinus where he played Eyesen. He's also in a missing second season Out of the Unknown episode appearing as Kenneth Dennistoun in Second Childhood and is the uncredited TV Announcer in the film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

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158 The Faceless Ones: Episode Two

EPISODE: The Faceless Ones: Episode Two
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 15 April 1967
WRITER: David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke
DIRECTOR: Gerry Mill
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 6.4 million viewers
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Volume Four(1967)
TELESNAPS: The Faceless Ones: Episode Two

"Do you know what a chameleon is, Jamie? It's the name of a small animal, a lizard that can change it's colour to merge with it's background. But it's a name that could equally be applied to people as well. People who change their personalities to suit their own ends. Budget Tours. Young people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. Oh yes, there's something strange going on here."

A few episodes ago a new title sequence for Doctor Who came into use. Now we get revamped theme music too. The forefront of the music is the same, but the background has lost the hiss and gained a different sound instead. My wife said she couldn't tell the difference but if you listen to last episode's sequence then this you'll hear the change.

"Polly" says her name is Michelle and she comes from Sweden which she demonstrates with her passport and work permit. The Commandant is satisfied and wants the Doctor & Jamie detained but they make a run for it. Blade & Spencer's patient is suffocating but Nurse Pinto arrives to assist wanting to know why they were twenty minutes late. Technician Meadows is lying in the medical centre too: devices are attached to the patient's and his heads. The Doctor & Jamie hide behind papers in the airport: the Doctor has found an advert for Chameleon tours that interests him. In the medical centre, the patient's face changes to become Meadows.

2a 2b

He sits up, has his senses calibrated and is tested on his recall of Meadows memory. Ben finds the Doctor & Jamie: they have another go at questioning "Polly" during which time she lets slip about the body before being summoned by Captain Blade. Inspector Crossland, from Scotland Yard, arrives seeking his colleague Inspector Gascgoine who has disappeared. Neither the Commandant or Miss Rook his assistant know where he is. The Doctor and his friends split up: he goes to talk to the Commandant, Ben to the hanger while Jamie watches "Polly"/Michelle. While there Liverpudlian Samantha Briggs arrives wanting to know what's happened to her brother Brian who has disappeared after taking a Chameleon Tour to Rome. She's had one post card but he's overdue and there's no trace of him in the hotels. Jamie befriends her. The Doctor's chat with the Commandant goes badly and he flees the control room. Ben discovers a crate with Polly in it in the Chameleon hanger and calls the control room for help. The Doctor has entered the now deserted Chameleon Tours office behind the check in desk and discovers a monitor on which he observes Ben who is rendered unconscious by a futuristic pen like device wielded by Spencer. He also finds postcards and foreign stamps. Crossland finds Jenkins at passport control but Jenkins doesn't recognise the photos of Brian Briggs & Gascgoine. He does mention the incident with the reported body earlier and gives Crossland a description of the Doctor & Jamie. A new Chameleon tours rep hands out postcards to the next group of travellers for them to write before they leave causing Samantha to realise Brian's postcard must have been written before he left and posted by someone else. The Doctor arrives at the hanger, finds the pen device and then Meadow's body in a crate. A voice calls out to the Doctor asking for help and saying it's suffocating but as he investigates he is gassed!

We're still at the mystery stage of the story, but we now know enough to join up a few of the dots and put together that Chameleon tours are abducting people and replacing them with the "thing" we saw at the start of the episode. Fab moment as the Doctor, Jamie & Ben confer in a photo booth and get their photo taken!

2c 2d

Ladies and Gentlemen, a big welcome please for Malcolm Hulke. By this stage in his career Hulke was an experienced television writer who'd written science fiction before contributing to Target Luna and Pathfinders with his friend Eric Paice. Hulke had had a previous submission to Doctor Who, The Hidden Planet, rejected as had his writing partner for this story David Ellis who I know little about.

Your attention is drawn to Hulke's 1962 The Avengers Episode The Mauritius Penny which he co-wrote with his lodger at the time future Doctor Who Script Editor Terrance Dicks. They'll co-write on Hulke's next Doctor Who project in a couple of years time, The War Games, after which Hulke will be a regular contributor to the series during the period that Dicks is Script Editor which in turn leads to him novelising several Doctor Who stories for Target Books and co-authoring with Dicks The Making of doctor Who. A recent Doctor Who magazine article revealed some previously unknown detail into Hulke's life courtesy of his declassified MI5 file and an autobiography is forthcoming from Miwk publishing.

Sam's played by a young Pauline Collins. She's very much seen as a potential new companion: the Liverpool connection to the still popular Beetles - but the actress turned the show down when offered an extended run. A long acting career, including the starring role in Shirley Valentine, would eventually bring her full circle when she played Queen Victoria in Tooth & Claw to become of the few actors to appear in old and new Doctor Who.

fo_Rook fo_Blade

Bernard Kay, as Inspector Crossland, is on his THIRD Who role after Tyler in Dalek Invasion of Earth and Saladdin in The Crusade, He's not done yet either and returns as Caldwell in Colony in Space. Outside of Doctor Who you can see him in the Out of the Unknown episode Come Buttercup, Come Daisy, Come...? as Det. Sgt. Crouch which is one of the surviving episodes on the Out of the Unknown DVD set. He was in Space: 1999 New Adam New Eve as the Humanoid, Survivors as Sanders in Mad Dog, Future Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies' Century Falls as Richard Naismith and Jonathan Creek Jack in the Box as Oliver with a whole load of other people who've been in Doctor Who. He'd previously acted opposite First Doctor William Hartnell in Carry on Sergeant as an Injured Recruit. He appeared in The Sweeney episode Trap as Thomas as well as playing Matthews in the first Sweeney movie, and was Harry Scott in The Professionals episode When the Heat Cools Off. Toby Hadoke interviewed him for Who's Round #18 and following Kay's death on Christmas Day 2014 released Who's Round #101 which features more of the original interview that had to be cut!

Playing Meadows, who we see duplicated in this episode, is George Selway who appears in the existing second series Doomwatch episode The Logicians as the CID Sergeant. Having appeared in this Doctor Who story featuring duplicates
Joy Burnett, a Passenger, returns in another when she is an extra in Spearhead from Space. A small amount of 8mm footage recorded off-screen from this episode survives showing the Doctor talking to Polly who seems to be a favourite target of the person who shot the film! Sadly it is the last off-screen film from a missing episode.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

157 The Faceless Ones: Episode One

EPISODE: The Faceless Ones: Episode One
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 08 April 1967
WRITER: David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke
DIRECTOR: Gerry Mill
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 8 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - Lost In Time
TELESNAPS: The Faceless Ones: Episode One

"What's all this about a police box on the runway?"

A moment please for the last regular use of the original Doctor Who theme music. A tweaked version makes it's debut next episode.

The Tardis lands on the runway at Gatwick airport. Discovered by the police, the time travellers scatter with Jamie remaining with the Doctor while Ben and Polly are each left by themselves. The airport Commandant orders the Police Box removed. Polly hides in a storage area, belonging to Chameleon Tours, where she witnesses a man in a suit being shot by a futuristic gun held by a man wearing an airline pilot's uniform. She finds Jamie & the Doctor on the runway and tells them what happened. They return to the store room where the Doctor notices that the body has been electrocuted and is concerned by the gun. However they are being observed by Captain Blade and Pilot Spencer, the murderer. The travellers leave to inform the authorities but Polly lags behind and is kidnapped by Spencer. The Doctor & Jamie can't get past immigration control where the man in charge, Jenkins, informs the Commandant about his suspicious visitors. Spencer tells Blade that Polly has been processed and will be on the next flight. The Doctor convinces him to visit the storage area but no body can be found. The Doctor tries to interest the Commandant in the unused foreign stamp found in the body's pocket and the burn marks but he has them taken back to immigration. The Doctor and Jamie spot Polly in immigration but she denies knowing them. Blade and Spencer lead a disguised figure from the hanger to the airport's medical unit. What little we can see of the figure looks hideously burned and misshapen.

vlcsnap-00074 vlcsnap-00086

Oooh, a mystery episode. Sometimes it's clear from the go what's going off but all we know from this episode is that someone's been murdered in the Chameleon tours hanger, Polly can't recognise her friends after a visit to Chameleon tours and the staff at Chameleon tours are helping some strange being. So I think we'll note that the Chameleon tours place might be a bit dodgy! Polly gets a bit to do this episode, but Ben all but vanishes after the first few minutes, popping up to look in the door of Chameleon tours then leave again. However this episode effectively marks the start of the great Doctor/Jamie partnership with Jamie innocently putting his foot in it and the Doctor trying to cover up after him. It's probably the first episode he gets anything real to do after his debut (with the exception of the "Piper" stuff in Moonbase) and he's superb with the Doctor here.

vlcsnap-00026 vlcsnap-00020

The major filming location for this story is Gatwick Airport. The intention had been to film at Heathrow, the then only designated London Airport, but they refused but Gatwick was happy to accommodate the Doctor Who team. Doctor Who would finally visit Heathrow (and use Concorde) 15 years later in Timeflight. The outside of the airport and it's hangers is heavily featured at the start of this episode as the Doctor and friends shelter and then at the end we see some of the interior as the disfigured body is led through it.

vlcsnap-00077 vlcsnap-00080

This episode is the only one that features Peter Whitaker as the already deceased Inspector Gascoigne. It's his first Doctor Who appearance, and his only credited one! He'll return as the Weather Station Worker in The Seeds of Death episode five, a Thal Politician in Genesis of the Daleks, a Mentiad in The Pirate Planet, a Grecian Man in Four to Doomsday and an Onlooker in Remembrance of the Daleks part one. He was a scientist in the Blake's 7 episode Project Avalon and appeared in two Doomwatch episodes playing a Ministry Inspector in Train and De-Train, which survives, and a man in Flood, which sadly doesn't.

fo_Gascgoine fo_Policeman

James Appleby, the Policeman who sees The Tardis crew arrive, has been in Doctor Who before, appearing as a Guard in The Massacre 4: Bell of Doom. He'll be back in - The Masque of Mandragora: Part Two as another Guard. The easiest place to spot him is probably Fawlty Towers: The Builders where he plays Stubbs.

Playing the Chameleon is Roy Pearce who was also in The Massacre 4: Bell of Doom as a Guard before appearing as a Soldier in Snow Camouflage / Engineer #2 in The Tenth Planet episode 3. He'll go on to play the Cyberman in The War Games episode ten, an uncredited extra in Doctor Who and the Silurians episode 6, a Villager in The Dæmons, a Solos Guard in The Mutants, an Exxilon in Death to the Daleks and a Courtier/Brother in The Masque of Mandragora. Since then he's been in Blake's 7 as an Armed Crewman in Space Fall, a Federation Trooper in Time Squad and a Scientist in Project Avalon. He also appears in Doomwatch as a man in Invasion and Flood.

This episode sees another appearance by the panels first seen in Doctor Who in Dalek Masterplan 5: Counterplot. We've seen them since in The War Machines and the Underwater Menace.

vlcsnap-00047 cp6

The panel on the left was in Dalek Masterplan 5. The one next to that we saw in the War Games. Next to that are two we've not seen in Doctor Who before but the one on the right was in The Avengers episode The House That Jack Built where six of the panels can be seen together.

vlcsnap-00007 Avengers_4_3

This episode always resided in the BBC Film & Video archive, but a cut copy also exists in Australia (around the death of the man at the start) which lead to rumours that the BBC's copy was cut: It isn't. Faceless Ones 1 was one of the last episodes to be released on VHS in the Reign of Terror boxset along with the surviving episodes of that story, episode 3 of this one and The Web of Fear 1. Released on the 24 Nov 2003, the closest Monday to the show's 30th anniversary (Videos & DVDs are nearly always released on a Monday) this set was *VERY* poorly distributed and is the only release during the Internet stores age that I've had to buy in store (HMV Richmond) after Blackstar completely failed to send my preordered copy! A year later all three Troughton episodes were re-released on DVD in the Doctor Who - Lost In Time DVD set.